Medical Consulting

Dr Gerald George can provide medical consulting and independent specialist advice on:

  • Acquisition of medical services
  • Independent and NHS medical services business development
  • Change management within medical services
  • Musculoskeletal services commissioning clinical advice
  • Clinical governance strategy and implementation
  • Medical education programs, courses and conferences
  • IT clinical safety reviews as an accredited experienced IT clinical safety reviewer

Dr Gerald George’s achievements

Dr Gerald George’s experience towards Medical Consulting are based on:

Built and expanded an efficient successful department which at one point was top for research and audit within the medical directorate. Achieved high patient engagement and patient satisfaction. Improved financial prudence through high uptake of biosimilar high cost drugs in the context of cost improvement programmes.

Successful recruitment of consultants and specialist nurses into hard-pressed specialties. Improved cohesiveness and governance within the specialties. Increased medical staff engagement and reduced referral to treatment times. Dramatic improvement in 2 week cancer outpatient appointment waiting times. Balanced and interacted with diverse stakeholder groups to achieve results.

Provided valuable clinical input into new IT projects. Consolidated the clinical safety evaluation of major projects especially the new bed management and patient administration systems.

Highly commended for the excellent organisation and attention to detail on each occasion by the Royal College of Physicians Membership (MRCP) Chair of Clinical Examiners for hosting the MRCP clinical exams. Developed successful GP and junior doctor education programs. Influenced national rheumatology education policies and training delivery through the British Society for Rheumatology and Royal College of Physicians.

As the Physicians’ representative on a private hospital medical advisory committee, implemented and reviewed policies, clinical governance, appraised physicians’ private practice, discussed quality improvement and clinical risk management, and reviewed and approved applications from consultants seeking practicing privileges.